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His calm and quiet conversation with me sparked hope

"We were the perfect couple, that’s what everyone thought, and we did too! My whole life was perfect. I was raised perfectly, or so I thought... until all the perfection exploded into little bits of years of pent up anger, victimhood and pain.
My husband had an affair and all my world crumbled.
I desperately tried to keep us together and it got worse as I tried helping him be accountable, still not trusting him, making sure my friends and family app was monitoring his every move. This behaviour was not building love and trust, it was pushing him away.

I then connected with Pete Uglow and from the first moment I spoke with him and shared some of my drama, his calm and quiet conversation with me sparked hope. I felt no shame, guilt or fear. I liked feeling this way and wanted to know how to continue to feel better. We started our journey in finding what loving looks like and my hurt, anger and heart healed. It now seems like a million years ago...There are moments that I just look up and am so grateful for finding the road to real happiness.

As I look back over the last couple of years I’m thankful for my journey, the hard and prickly bits, and now the joy and peace I feel is priceless. I’m grateful for the lifetime I have to grow and experience unconditionally loving my husband. "

L.C. (Anonymity protected)
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