How To Get Over The Enormous Pain & Mistrust Of Infidelity To Save Your Marriage!

These are genuine comments from people who entered their email and watched the video - but because of the sensitivity of the situation, we have preserved their anonymity.

“Pete, I have watched your video twice now and wow it hits home."

“I find myself filled with emotion - good emotion - after seeing this video. You say all the right words to exactly how I've been  feeling. I can’t get enough of this way of looking at the whole situation.” 

“Your video really gave me insight as to the reason my husband cheats. I played the video for him today. I couldn’t understand the cheating until the video. Thanks again"

“I loved your video and I have loved your 6 week course. Wish we could come over and hug you both to say a huge thank you!"

"My husband has been addicted to pornography and web cam sex for our whole 25 year marriage. We have been seeing a therapist for the last 6 months, but I am not getting any better. The video on your website defined EXACTLY how I feel. Finally, I have found something that can help me.

"Thank you. This is different to anything else I've come across! Having watched the video I now see exactly why the affair happened and it's all explained in such an unusual way!"  

"Your video was compelling and REAL. It was absolutely eye opening and convincing, and made us desire to heal our marriage so we can thrive as husband, wife and parents. Thank you so much!" 

"I told my husband the other night about your bottle analogy in the video. He broke down and said that was exactly why it happened and yet until you described it he didn’t have any idea.”

“Funny how this has brought a level of closeness to our relationship that we had been missing and it was right away after watching your video about the bottles. "

"Thank you so much. My therapist recommended your site. I wasn’t really prepared for what it was and honestly I cried through the whole intro video. It is so powerful. It is so true. I now feel ready to deal with all this and I am really enjoying your six week program." 

You CAN both heal from infidelity in weeks, not months or years!

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