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Pete Uglow shares...

"My wife, Nikki and I were 23 years into our marriage with two teenage children when she discovered an affair. Over the coming months she discovered another 22 affairs which stretched throughout our entire marriage, and she realised that she had no idea who I was.

I didn't know how to help Nikki with her pain and since I really wanted to save our marriage and overcome my sex addiction, I set about finding us the help we needed. 

Fast forward to today, eight years later, and we both have a beautifully harmonious and 'affair-proofed' marriage which has withstood many external stresses. Each of us feels valued and understood within the relationship and my own need for sex outside the marriage has vanished. 

I became an infidelity coach in 2012, and with my wife's assistance, I have also helped many other individuals and couples overcome their own pain, understand why it happened to them and create their own personalised recovery plan."
Pete & Nikki Uglow

As Featured On TV

Nikki and Pete Uglow were featured in a UK Channel 5 Documentary as the only one (out of ten couples) who had survived infidelity. Article about the show.
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I Left Floating On Cloud Nine

"I'm not really a testimonial writer. I would usually only be inspired to write if I was particularly unhappy about something, but in this case I am so very impressed, not to mention relieved and hopeful, that I felt compelled to share.
My husband and I were struggling and it looked like the end of the road for our marriage when we found the website. I really liked what I heard when I spoke with Pete Uglow and he took the time to reassure my husband that a three day intervention wouldn't be the excruciating experience he feared. And it wasn't. Not at all. Pete made us both feel understood and cared for, before gently guiding us towards the prospect of a happier infidelity-free future together. I left floating on cloud nine. "
S. T.  (Anonymity preserved)
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